"Your strengths-based approach to assessments is exactly what I was looking for. You've helped me to gain more insightful info from my students and get a deeper understanding of their personal strengths in a way that isn't deficits-focused. I love it. My students love it. Their parents love it. You're awesome!"

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You've invested your heart and soul into your autistic kids. Now, unlock the career-changing secrets, techniques, strategies, and tools you need to support your autistic kids with more accurate and neurodiversity-affirming assessments. 










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To the SLP who refuses to settle for non-holistic, inaccurate, and neurodiversity-disavowing assessments…


…it’s time for a change, isn’t it?

When you join this free Masterclass, you’re opening the door to evolving the way you assess your autistic kids. You’re saying “no” to painfully inaccurate assessments that don't reflect your autistic kids' true abilities…

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Inside this free Masterclass, you’ll get access to:

Shocking data gathered from the voices of autistic adults that have been through the system. (Note: this is eye-opening and can transform the way you interact with your autistic kids.)


A direly important but little-known legal obligation that you, me, and every SLP is under. (This is a must-know that will forever reshape your career and help you serve your autistic kids better.)


A revelation about the enormous “gap” in traditional therapy for autistic kids. (And how you can start filling it.)


Why it’s so difficult to help your autistic kids develop friendships. (And the data-backed solution you can start implementing immediately.)


How to easily enrich the data you gather and use it to write better goals. (Hint: this is a game-changer.)


Techniques to get your autistic students intrinsically motivated and feeling like they’re a part of their own therapy. (This is how you stop assessments from feeling like torture!)
✔ And much more...

Doors shut after 499 signups!

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Stay to the end of the Masterclass and get access to 5 of my favorite resources for engaging autistic teens.

These resources build on strengths and interests and target:

✔ Self-advocacy

✔ Self-regulation

✔ Problem solving

✔ Perspective taking

✔ And safety needs 



Let's Evolve The Way We Assess Our Autistic Kids!

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✔ 3 career-changing methodologies for more neurodiversity affirming assessments

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✔ Strategies for reducing assessment anxiety

✔ My favorite way to grab more SEL data (so you can write better goals)

✔ A way to easily grab data from multiple sources in under 2 minutes

✔ How to better target self-advocacy, problem solving, perspective taking, and self-regulation

✔ How to get your students more intrinsically motivated

✔ BONUS: 5 resources to keep your autistic kids more engaged

✔ And much more...



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